When opportunity knocks…sometimes you have to answer the door

opportunity knocking

Every once in a while life presents you with an opportunity that will change the course of your life.  There has been a couple of significant times in my life when this has happened, in both instances I let the opportunity pass and carried on down the path I had envisioned for myself.  During the occasional reflective moment I wonder how different my life would be if I had actually taken advantage of the opportunities.  What if I took the coaching job in Regina?  What if I had joined my uncle in the pub business?  Both of these opportunities would have taken my life down significantly different paths.  Looking back though, I am very happy I chose to stay on the path I was travelling, I have had a great life and I have enjoyed my journey as an educator.

This past June opportunity knocked again…but this time I answered the door.  The position of Deputy Head of School at Coast Mountain Academy in Squamish was not something I had envisioned as I looked to the future.  I was pretty confident that I would continue on my path as a school administrator in the only school district I have ever known since I was in kindergarten myself.  But there was something different about this opportunity and the school.  There was a pull that I had not experienced before in my career, something was definitely drawing me into a new direction.  As June began I was wrapped up in Grad and Commencement events and everything that goes on at the end of the year in a high school. I wasn’t looking to disrupt my entire life and that of my family, but by the end of June it was clear I was about to embark on a new challenge.

The whole process took two weeks, started with dinner, then an interview and finally a contract signing.  It was all very surreal, I couldn’t believe that I had actually just accepted a job in Squamish.  Looking back now, it was a fantastic decision.  My life has been invigorated by the change, I feel a new sense of energy and purpose.  I have been given the opportunity to challenge myself daily in my work, be creative and innovative, all the while testing my leadership abilities.  I have felt very welcomed by the Squamish community and look forward to becoming a contributing member of the city.  I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to create, alongside the fabulous staff at CMA, a dynamic and engaging learning environment for all of our students.

Sometimes, it pays to answer the door when opportunity knocks…I am glad I did when Coast Mountain Academy came calling.